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What is Spain without Islamic History. In late 8th century, Europe experienced one of its greatest periods of cultural and spiritual enlightenment. Over eight hundred years of Islamic presence in Spain, Muslims, Jews and Christians lived together and prospered in a thriving multicultural civilization. An era historians refer to as co-existence which reached the apogee of universal human civilization, even Spaniards today still celebrate it as "La Convivencia". This era has created an atmosphere where remarkable scholars and thinkers of different faiths to work side by side and share at no discretion collective knowledge in the benefit of all mankind to made lasting contributions in such areas as poetry, art, architecture, music, science, agriculture, medicine, engineering, algebra, navigation, textiles, culinary and even technologies that have shaped the world we live in today. Initially this civilization flourished in Muslim Spain or in better words the Moors of Spain as they are referred to.

Today Spain is a catholic country and Spaniards never discriminate what the other believes. Today over two million Muslims in Spain live side by side with their fellow Christians in harmony and mutual respect. The Muslim community respects as well the norms of prayers and has it infrastructure well set for visitors of Islamic faith. You will find mosques and places set for prayers, halal markets and restaurant to enjoy all staples unique to this land. However people here are not used to see people praying in streets and public places. One has to be sensitive to others perspective. Bearing in mind that Spain as a country had separated the religion from the politics and law, we can see that is nothing against Islam, but in general is not well seen to pray (Christian or Muslim) in a place which is not a temple (church, mosque, etc).

Cross Cultural Services is offering Islamic tour packages of Spain like one can do. Our Muslim Heritage tours, journeys and trips in Spain are tailored to take Muslim visitors through an engaging, insightful tour into this important period in world history. Enjoy and explore the forgotten Islamic civilization of Spain guided by local Spanish Muslims tour guides

Our Spain Tours are tailored just for you. At Cross Cultural Services, we offer Islamic tours in Spain for all types of travellers from around the world, We do offer Spain Muslim tours based on historic sites and daily life Halal activities throughout Spain, adventure active tour packages for Islamic explorers as well as just nature enthusiast who can take a walk in the park can enjoy our trekking and hiking tours of Spain. Our spiritual tours of Spain are also supplied in most respectful and rewarding itineraries for Muslim travelers from around the globe, these Muslim tours are totally Halal travel escorted by well versed Muslim guides and tour escorts. Cross cultural Services is well known in the travel market as one of the best FITs customized tours for Spain for independent travelers and private FITs parties. These Spain Tours visiting major cities of Moorish Heritage, the Malaga Mountains, White Villages, natural life in most beautiful national parks Spain has to offer.

Tours from Spain to Morocco

Our short trips to Morocco from Spain vary from one day to one week. Touring Morocco from Spain is adding to your knowledge a complete overview to the ancient history of the Mideterranean culture especially the Moorish shared between Morocco and Spain. Your visit to Spain will be complete really if you extend it by taking a tour with us across the straight of Gibraltar to Morocco. These tours start by taking a ferry from Tarifa in Spain to Tangier port leaving Europwe behind you and facing the exotic and natural charm of Africa. You will put the Mediterranean sea on one side and the Atlantic Ocean on the other, this cross at the straight of Gibraltar is an ultimate experience in itself that you might treasure for the rest of your life as cultural travel goes. Visiting Morocco, a culturally rich, exotic, majestic country that sits at the crossroads of Europe, Africa and most beautiful in all North Africa by its nature and most importantly the Moroccan people known for their unsurpassed hospitality. Immerse yourself in Moroccan culture as you experience the amazing sights, ancient sounds and intoxicating scents unique to this magical country. our tours vay from one day in Tangier to three days visiting Fez, to six days imperial cities down to Marrakech, to of course an eight days tours to discover all aspects of Morocco cities, villages, mountains, Sahara desert , Atlantic shores and extended beaches of the Mediterranean. You will be treated to local music, cooking classes in Fez best city for typical moroccan cuisine, walking cultural tours of the Medina as well in the souks of Marrakech and it world famous square of Jamaa el Fna, traditional mint-tea ceremonies, and an opportunity to meet and mingle with Moroccans. . Tourism is our tradition.

Our tours in Morocco from Spain can be samll group tours as well as private parties FITs for individuals independent travelers or family travel to enjoy your tour at your pace. All our Halal tours are escorted by well versed guides and tour leaders who are indeed our most important asset in the travel industry.

It is our mission to share the true essence of the vast, timeless cultures of the Atlas Mountains and Sahara Desert, and to provide our guests with a travel experience of the highest quality available in this extraordinary region.