Morocco Tours

Tailor made Vacations in Morocco

If you wish to visit a country with enticing history, breathtaking natural landscapes and wonderful cuisine then join one of our Morocco Tours. Morocco is a culturally rich, exotic, majestic country that sits at the crossroads of Europe, Africa and the Middle East. A great tourist destination for your upcoming vacations. There is no place on earth quite like it. Immerse yourself in Moroccan culture as you experience the amazing sights, ancient sounds and intoxicating scents unique to this magical country. in our trip vacations, you will be treated to local Moroccan music, cooking classes, drumming workshops, walking tours, traditional Moroccan folklore in festivals and celebrations, mint-tea ceremonies, and an opportunity to meet and mingle with locals. Contact us for your travel plans and packaged trips, we can also customize your trip for you.

This destionation with unsurpassed in natural beauty, the Atlas Mountains and the Sahara Desert give travelers a one-of-a-kind experience as they discover the country's wide array of cultural aspects, which differ tremendously, yet share an affinity for hospitality and friendliness. Our extraordinary cultural trips will the reality of this country. When one thinks of high mountains and vast deserts, Morocco should immediately come to mind, offering some of the most impressive mountain and Sahara desert treks in the world. Additionally, its indigenous populations of Berbers and Moors, bedouins, Tuaregs offer thought-provoking insight into ancient cultures that differ remarkably from our own.

Moroccans in general especially who dwell in the Atlas Mountains and the Sahara Desert have long fascinated ethnologists, as they represent cultures unchanged by time. All of our adventure packaged treks have native Berber guides, who will enhance your travel experience through these little-known regions. We also specialize in Muslim and spiritual journeys that cover regions unique to Morocco. In our active tours you will explore unique vistas in these Mountains and valleys laces with lush oases and unique rock formations like Jbel Sehro, Toubkal hights among cliff hanging villages and the enchanting groves overflowing with almonds, saffron crocuses. You will also discover the picturesque plateaus, blooming wadis, oases, and palm groves, along with the voluptuous sand dunes and tents of the Sahara desert's nomadic cultures. We welcome you to share with us an experience only an insider can offer.

You will travel overland in 4x4s from a coastline bathed in Mediterranean breezes to explore ancient Roman ruins, walk or ride your camel in the Sahara and over the dunes through oases and Kasbahs, Berber villages and valleys. Take an easy hiking tour near the snow-capped Atlas Mountains and shop in bustling, ancient souks and markets.

At Cross Cultural Services, we offer trips for groups, individuals and families, to all types of travellers from around the world. We do offer cultural tours based on historic sites nd daily life activities throughout Morocco. Our specialty goes also to adventure active tour for the explorers as well as nature enthusiast who can enjoy our trekking and hiking packages. Our spiritual discovery Halal tours are also supplied in most respectful and rewarding itineraries for Muslim travelers from around the globe, these Islamic tours are totally escorted by well versed guides and tour escorts. Cross cultural Services is well known in the travel market as one of the best FITs customized tours based on the special interest of independent travelers and private parties. You are guarranted scheduled departures, small groups and best prices in all our trips!.

Tours to Morocco from Spain

Embarking on a tour to Morocco from Spain is adding to your experience a complete overview to the ancient history of the Mideterranean culture especially the Moorish shared between Morocco and Spain. Your visit to Spain will be infact more rewarding if you extend it to Morocco. Travel with us across the straight of Gibraltar to the Moroccan soil. These trips of Morocco from Spain start by taking a ferry from Tarifa to Tangier port leaving Europe behind you and facing the exotism and naturalism of Africa. You will have the Mediterranean sea on one side and the Atlantic ocean on the other, this cross to Morocco from Spain at the straight of Gibraltar is an ultimate experience in itself that you might treasure for the rest of your life. Our tour packages vary from one day in Tangier to three days visiting Fez, to six days imperial cities down to Marrakech, to of course an eight days tours to discover all aspects of Morocco cities, villages, mountains, Sahara desert , Atlantic shores and extended beaches of the Mediterranean. Touring in Morocco is our tradition, You are welcome to share it with us.

Our package tours of Morocco from Spain can be samll group tours as well as private FITs custom tours for independent travelers or family travel to enjoy your tour at your pace. All of our Morocco tours are escorted by well versed guides and tour leaders who are indeed our most important asset in the travel industry.

It is our mission to share the true essence of the vast, timeless cultures of the Atlas Mountains and Sahara Desert, and to provide our guests with a travel experience of the highest quality available in this extraordinary destination.