Spiritual Tours in Morocco

Muslim Heritage Vacations

Cross Cultural Services is a tour company DMC specialized in spiritual Muslim tours in Morocco. Morocco is well known by its openness to other cultures and tolerance since the dawn of time. A very inclusive mentality with open way to practice makes Islam in Morocco practiced not only ritualistically but spiritually as well. Sufism is a way of life in Morocco whether in cities or rural areas. The esoteric aspect of Islam is what made Morocco unique and well distinguished destination to travel to among other Muslim countries. Since Islam was introduced to Morocco through its ethics and not under the power of the sword. In Morocco, the first Islamic and Arabic Dynasty of the eighth century was founded by a grand Son of the prophet Moulay Idris and other refugees fleeing from the Abbasids persecution of Baghdad.

Our Touring Company offers you tours and journeys of high Muslim spiritual education and enchantment. Whether you travel with us on our set spiritual itinerary programs or you wish to travel independently. Our expertise in this field of spiritual travel allows us to customize any itinerary that would satisfy your interest. Morocco is a very diverse country geographically and historically offering a spectrum of diverse tours. Spiritually as they say: if the Middle East was the land of prophets, Morocco is surely the land of "Awlyyae Allah" Holymen. Cities are replete with Koranic schools, Medersa, spiritual sanctuaries, not to forget Sufi zaouias. The beautiful rural areas of Morocco are all punctuated by marbets "Marabout=Sufi Center" where Koran and Sunna are taught to youngsters as well as adults, an unchanged tradition since the dawn of Islam that its light is still shinning throughout this blessed land. The Rif Mountains in Northern Morocco a region called "Jbala" replete with maqams and zaouias of different Tariquas still produces the largest number among Moroccans of the Holy Koran memorizing. The holy book and it exegesis, the Maliki Medhab school of thoughts and Jurisprudence are serious studies among Moroccans for self empowerment and conduct. The holy book of Islam is seriously taken by Berber people as this doctorine fits very well with the democratic and rational of Berber thinking. Islam in Morocco is not only a religion but a way of life based on the esoteric knowledge not only the exoteric practices.

Our assets to supply religious and spiritual tours in Morocco are our Muslim scholars, well trained guides and faithful staff. We offer these Islamic tours to all people of faith and those who are spiritually inclined to spread tolerance and share knowledge, a duty of every Muslim in fact. Our guides are all scholars, so traveling with us on these spiritual journeys or taking one of our Islamic tours will be so rewarding for any visitor of seeking self empowerment and knowledge. You will discover Morocco layers of its history, beauty, culture through the deepest aspect which its spiritual reality.

Come and explore the marvels of this Islamic Destination, you will be amazed and enthralled how inclusive and tolerant Moroccans are. How deep and humble this society is. How ethical and respectful people are when they spiritually practice their faith. Traveling in our time has changed from the escape of the routine to a search of self improvement under the banner of Travel to discover. Traveling In Morocco through these spiritual programs you can discover a lot more. Our well trained guides and scholars will be proud to share these memorable moments with you in every place you will be visiting in Morocco. From Tangier to the depth of the Sahara desert lives a culture unique in this world, well known but yet to discover. Traveling in Morocco with us is like the unearthing of great treasures. Welcome to Morocco the land of Saints, stoics and humble sufis.

Visiting Fez, the City of Islam

"A Geode of amethyst, brimful of thousands of tightly packed crystals and surrounded by a silver-green rim: this was Fez, the Old City of Fez, in the twilight." Titus Burckhardt.

Fez is quintessentially the heartbeat of Morocco. There is a truism In Morocco that say: "All is in Fez", Arts, crafts, learning, architecture, urbanism, civility ans sophistication. It is indeed the intellectual and spiritual capital by blessed virtue due to history as a center of learning. Fez Old city by itself is home of 458 mosque, seven ancient Medersas, all surround the great al Quarawiyyine Mosque built in 9th century a congregational mosque and first university in the world. Though its existence and acceptance of the 20th century, Fez remained faithful to its unaltered spiritual and Islamic tradition. With its mentality of real glory humble outward and rich inward, the spirit which had once created the Mosque of Cordoba, and the Alhambra in Granada was more real than all the innovations that the world of today had brought with it. Fez true to itself and to its 12 centuries of history as a learning center, a spiritual sanctuary, where scholars and eminent pioneers of modern sciences, sprang continuously to brighten human existence is still rewarding our lives with so much wisdom. This sophisticated city with its unique Islamic architecture and arts has now opened its doors for real visitors of great interest in all aspects. Fez is not only a jewel to Moroccan identity but a world heritage for all. Fez is also home of all Sufi Zaouias. By visiting Fez you will benefit by stepping back in time physically and taking a peak on the future spiritually. Fez is anchored in Sufism that every breath in the city reminds you of wisdom.