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A French celebrity Chef once said: "there are three cuisines best in the world, French, Chinese and Moroccan, but not in this order". Moroccan cuisine today enjoys a great reputation due to its diversity, balance and most important health efficient. Its remarkable diversity of influences from desert to Mediterranean healthy cooking using most of vegetables earth offers, spices of great flavor also medicinal benefit, a mild balance to cater to all tastes. Morocco use to be the end of the world historically. Most of eastern and Mediterranean civilization found their way to the far west land of antiquity. All of those civilizations left their imprints in this melting pot culture of Morocco to enjoy a very refined, well balanced and healthy cuisine than we can proudly present to the world today as the Moroccan cuisine.

Our contemporary world never found itself in need of a healthy diet more that today. To live a healthy life in our time one has to be aware of the importance of healthy diet. Trends come and go and the basic always remain as far as human existed. A diet based on natural ingredient, seasonal fresh produce and fruits, grains and seeds, desert products are the only way to live a sane life. Moroccan cuisine combines all these ingredients in most simplistic way to live a healthy life.

Moroccan have always enjoyed a healthy life when using their original pure diet based on traditional cooking of Tagines (Stews), couscous and seasonal salads and soups always garnished with dried fruits and nuts, using local oils of olives and Argan and making from green tea a national drink for everyone at any occasion. Moroccan cuisine today can be a model to a very balanced and healthy universal diet. You are welcome to come and share our culinary art of Moroccan cooking any time around the year. There is always a variety of staples for each day year around.

Please contact us for information you may need to travel to Morocco with your family in a group or customized tour to explore Moroccan cuisine. We have prepared some great cooking tour itineraries to discover the beauty of Moroccan cuisine and culinary arts of this destination.

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