Our Mission

Spain and Morocco Tours for Muslims

Cross Cultural Services touring company DMC was initially created in reaction to the lethargic low-quality, mass market mentality of tourism in Morocco, Spain and Portugal exploited mainly by large bus tour companies. Cross Cultural Services set out to with a new philosophy to travel and tours in Spain and Morocco with innovative rewarding and enticing tour Packages out of the mass tourist paths. Our pacakage Tours have more emphasis on culture, education and environment preservation. We became the first Touring company in Morocco to create small group tour itineraries to develop rural and eco tourism when others were busy focusing on resorts and beaches; tours that do not suit nor benefit an ancient culture of Morocco and Spain. Cross Cultural Services is extremely proud of the reputation we have earned with our Halal tours to Spain and Morocco with our set cultural , spiritual or education Tours or state of the arts tailored trips in Morocco for independent travelers. We have customized private tours to the diverse areas in Morocco and Spain. Whether in the ancient imperial historic cities or in the evergreen cedar forests of the Rif Mountains, our trekking tours in the high peaks of the Atlas Mountains in the oases and Kasbahs of the mystic Sahara desert, with integrity and respect to authenticity. Just say it: Customize my trip to Morocco.

To know about our Halal tours and trips: We invite you to our homeland not as a tourist to exploit but as a guest to share our culture and history, our Moorish heritage shared between Spain and Morocco for over a millennium. You will be enthralled and amazed to explore the beauty of our destinations. You can travel in vans with a custom small group with your local tour guide who will be proud to share his heritage with you. To rough it a bit you can use 4x4s from a coastline bathed in Mediterranean breezes to explore ancient Roman ruins of Volubilis, walk through the olive grove through Berber villages and wards from a biblical era. You can hike the snow-capped Atlas Mountains, explore Berber towns, camp in a beautiful Sahara tent encampment among the local Tuaregs Bedouins (Bleumen) and shop in bustling, ancient Souks like a native of this land. Enjoy Moroccan or Spanish cuisine and Music everywhere you go. Even a cooking class if that interests you.

We at Cross Cultural Services live and breathe the preservation of our culture and the authenticity of our culture. We wish to serve our time and leave a legacy behind us for future generation to enjoy the beauty of our enticing history. At Cross Cultural Services, we offer something unique, an opportunity share the reality of life and learn from one another. A tourist has a lot to contribute to a visited place not just on the economic basis but more importantly on the intellectual and spiritual exchange. As travel is best educational program you can have for yourself we welcome you in our Morocco tours. We have also a lot to learn from you. It is a reciprocal exchange for us. All our tours in Morocco are based on mutual respect and educational exchange, some of them however go even beyond that is to build bridges between Cultures of the world academically, and even development wise. Come and plant trees in our arid areas and make it green for future generations. Become a good will human without being an official NGO. All opportunities are open to create a tourism of mutual benefits, educationally, economically, spiritually and more importantly humanly. Every one has something to offer in our life on earth. You are just the right kind of tourist we want to share our culture with. You are that person who live somewhere over there. Come and share with us moments we can treasure for life. Sustainable tourism is not only on the Substance but could be more on human exchange. Your trip could be a lasting gift to us and to yourself as well.

Our Goals

a, Expanding horizons and build bridges between World Muslim Nations and Morocco.

b, Direct encounters with locals create opportunities and understanding.

c, Creating unique Muslim tours with locals and goodwill people who travel with a purpose.

d, Sharing the sacred of Sufi Moroccan ceremonies, music, spirituality, beyond the scope of bus tours.

e, Working with NGOs, minorities and underprivileged communities to develop sustainable goodwill tours in Morocco.

E-mail: mail@crossculturalservices.net

To our Travelers

We at Cross Cultural Services believe in the freedom to choose for yourself what interests you. That creates the spontaneity that maximizes the chances for great experiences allowed in our custom private tours. We at Cross Cultural Services listen to you attentively and customize your tour program to the T, or advise you to join one of our small groups of travelers like yourself.

Our wealth and assets are in our knowledge and our staff. Our tour guides and drivers in Morocco are here to help ease the way for you and minimize the inconveniences of traveling in a foreign land. We are equally proud of the smaller, more intimate beds-and-breakfasts and small inns, riads in Fez and Marrakech that we have found to be more catering to our clientele. Many are historic monuments that have been respectfully and tastefully converted to Inns for your cultural experience and deluxe treatment. Not only do they offer you an experience not found in larger "Holiday Inn" types of hotels, but they also give new life to historic monuments that would otherwise be abandoned and ultimately destroyed or replaced by chain hotels.

These establishments:from small inns to boutique Hotels to grand "old-world" hotels - embody the charm and culture of Morocco and Spain offering you a chance to get to know the people who work there and their daily lives. We do not believe, however, that private travel need be prohibitively expensive. In fact, many of our clients report that our prices of one of a kind customized trips are comparable to some of the group tours they have used or researched before they found us.