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For any explorer, hiker and adventure touring enthusiast, the Atlas Mountains and the Sahara Desert offer travelers a one-of-a-kind experience as they discover Morocco wide array of landscapes and cultures, which differ tremendously from one tribe to another and from one region to the other, yet share an affinity for hospitality and friendliness. Our active unique trips will give you the opportunity to discover the beauty of Morocco geographically and culturally.

Morocco offers some of the best terrain to hike and trek. The Atlas Mountains with different ranges cover most of the country surface and vary from 3000 feet to 14800 feet of altitude. The Desert of the Sahara offers some of most dramatic oases and valleys all throughout the Southern belt that stretches over 2000 km distributed between the Dunes of Mhamid and the Dunes of Merzouga. It is heaven for those who like hiking and outdoor adventures. Any active person can enjoy hiking in Morocco. It is open terrain and hospitable environment. Additionally, its indigenous populations of Berbers and Moors offer thought-provoking insight into ancient cultures that differ remarkably from western modern cultures. It is a cultural discovery in its self.

The dwellers of the Atlas Mountains and the Sahara Desert have long fascinated ethnologists, as they represent cultures unchanged by time. All of our treks in Morocco have native Berber guides, who will enhance your travels through these little-known regions yet to be discovered. Our hiking Tours cover regions that are unique to the kingdom, from the lofty crags and screes of the Toubkal, to the cedar forests of Michlefen and plunging gorges and karsts of the M'Goun valley. You will explore unusual rock formations, the pristine oases of the Jbel Sehro, and the enchanting groves overflowing with almonds, saffron crocuses, and cliff dwellings. You will also discover the picturesque plateaus, blooming wadis, oases, and palm groves, along with the voluptuous sand dunes and tents of the desert nomad cultures. Nestled among the high peaks of the Atlas, you will find cultures and vistas untouched by the modernity of the twenty-first century. We welcome you to share with us a hiking experience only an insider can offer.

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