Hiking in Morocco 2017 - 2018

Atlas Mountains hiking tours

This hiking tour of Northern Morocco is designed as a mild active group tour. This itinerary will take you across the thickness of dense red cedar forests unique to the Atlas Mountains. You will visit and explore some of the hidden treasures of Morocco and its people, as it is off the mass tourist path.

We will camp in these Cathedrals of nature with unsurpassed repertoire composed by life itself as the forest gradually reveals its beauty in the Rif Mountains as much as it is in the Atlas Mountains. Then, take a progressive climb along the canyons and gorges to higher plateaus where the isolation is absolute, the stars at your reach, and an environment favorable to contemplation. We will enter the fields of meditation and respect. Visit these Zawias (spiritual centers) and the wise men of these holy places. We will try to live some moments of deep communion with the people either Berber nomads or cedentaries. Your mountain guide will be a local who can introduce you to the real culture of these pastoral tribes. Enjoy hiking in these undiscovered highlands of Morocco.

Day 1: Travel from Casablanca to Rabat

Upon your arrival to Casablanca airport you will be greeted by your guide who will take on your first journey along the Atlantic shore to the magnificent city of Rabat. Meet our small group of travelers like yourself and start your historic tour of Rabat. Your guide will immerse you in the history of Morocco. (Hotel accommodation).

Day 2: Trip from Rabat to Ouazzane

Travel in the morning from Rabat to Ourzigh in the Jbala Mountains to reach the holy white city of Ouazzane nestled in these olive tree groves. After been only a lost village called Dchera jbal Erihan (the village of Mount Myrtles), the distinguished Idrissid Sherif Moulay Abdullah Ben Brahim made out of it a center of Sufism and a place for the Taibia sufi order. Today Ouazzane is a center of Olive oil production. Hiking in these mountains is like walking in the footsteps of biblical times. Your mountain guide will introduce you to the area and its people, the Jbala or simply mountaineers as they are called in Morocco.

Day 3: Hiking from Ouazzane to Amergou

Travel from Ouazzane across the beautiful road, is the sprawling farming settlement from the Roman time of Fez el Bali. Hiking with your guide you will experience the unique Berber and Moorish lifestyles seen in the Amergou Mountains. This route will be lined by picturesque villages with majestic evergreen forests providing a natural backdrop. Enjoy traveling through this natural settings Morocco has to offer. (Camping overnight).

Day 4: Travel from Amergou to Lalla Outka Village

Start your day by an excursion to hike in the Tamesnit ranges, in the heart of the Rif Mountains, the belvedere of Lalla Outka is a discovery every hiker wishes for, the isolated shrine of Moulay Bouchta el khammar (master of music) adds extra authenticity rare to encounter in other trips. This shrine is also a pilgrimage destination for Berber musicians who come to pay their respect and seek blessings to acquire talent and inspiration. After a wonderful hike in this temple of nature, we will retreat to our camp where dinner is freshly cooked for you. (Camping night).

Day 5: Hiking through the pass of Taza

Today you are hiking through the Taza pass right between the Rif ranges north and the Atlas Mountains south; a natural endowment unique to this region. Cruise to Taza in the afternoon, an ancient city which stands as the gateway between eastern and western Morocco. We will cross the Rif Massif surrounded by the pine acacia, and cedar trees, as far as the eye can see. Monkeys can also be seen in their habitat, along with thousands of bird species. Dinner and over night will be in the hotel.

Day 6: Visiting Taza and Friwato caves

After a guided city tour of taza we will go caving at the Friwato Taverns. Hike for the whole day through the ranges of the Bouyeblan, at hights exceeding 11,200 feet. Breathtaking sceneries and exquisite Berber villages fill the vistas. Dinner and overnight are in the hotel.

Day 7: Trip to Boulmane in the Atlas Mountains

Drive up to Bouyeblan Mountain, visiting Chiker caves, and Immouzer Marmoucha waterfalls. Take a hiking journey back in time, crossing one of the most remote Berber nomadic territories. Enjoy the wealth of simple life among those mountaineers. Dinner and overnight are in Camp.

Day 8: Travel to Sekoura

A Berber family will supply us with mules to load and ride for the day to go hiking across the Jbel Tichchoukt ranges. Encounter Berber shepherds in their pasturing migration. Enjoy the natural setting of carob and cedar forests of this area. Dinner and overnight are in camp.

Day 9: Travel to Fez via Sefrou and Bhalil

Travel through the ranges of Sebou all the way to Fez. This is the most important city in Morocco culturally, spiritually and intellectually. Stop to visit Ribat al Khayer to explore a typical Berber village of the region, proceed later hiking to Sefrou, an ancient trade outpost from the Phoenician time, and a center of Jewish heritage from the dawn of time. Visit villages and souks all the way to fez. Dinner and accommodation are in the hotel.

Day 10: Guided tour of fez

Your local guide will meet you in the morning to take you on a historic visit of the ancient city of Fez. Start your walking tour by the Mellah, the king's palace and the Bat'ha museum of Moroccan arts and the walking tour of the Medina, the fascinating walled city with its incredible maze of medieval twisting alleys, blind turns, mosques, shrines, fountains, workshops and every conceivable kind of market. Lunch served in a typical Moroccan restaurant, for the afternoon, continue visiting and shopping in the medieval Medina of Fez a world Heritage site unique in this planet. . Dinner is at the hotel.

Day 11: Travel to Casablanca visiting Volubilis, Moulay Idris and Casablanca

Travel to Casablanca via Volubilis, the Roman capital of Northwestern Africa. Lunch is in the interesting city of Moulay Idris the birth place of Islam in Morocco. You will reach Casablanca in the afternoon. Meet with your guide and immediately start your sightseeing tour of notable monuments of Casablanca plus the great mosque of Hassan II. Dinner is at the Hotel.

Day 12: Flight back home

Transfer to Casablanca Airport for your flight back home. Our guide will help you with checking and bid you goodbye. We hope you have enjoyed your Camel trek Caravan tour through the Sahara of Morocco. Thank you for visiting Morocco.

Tour Includes

-7 nights in hotels 3 stars

-Full board meal plan

-5 nights Camping + equipment

-Lodging in Bedouin tents

-Land transportation in Cruisers

-Services of Mountain Guides

-Hotel tax and service charges

Tour Accommodations

-Rabat: Hotel Belere, 1 night

-Ouazzane: Hotel Salam, 1 night

-Taza: Hotel Hotel Friwato, 2 nights

-Fez: Hotel Reda, 2 nights

-Casablanca: Hotel Suisse, 1 night

Cost Per person based on double occupancy: $1245.00

Single Supplement: $365.00

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Please note that this budget hiking tour in Morocco is priced on a three star graded Hotel accommodations. You can upgrade to five star if you wish for a supplement or down grade to 2 star hotels to save some money. All is possible to visit Morocco with us following your budget. This active trekking tour of the Atlas Mountains and Sahara desert of Morocco is a mild in winter, in spring and fall. We do not offer this tour in Summer time. It is a small group tour of maximum 12 travelers.